Software Applications

ALTAZAMUN’s aim is to provide software development service that will help your business grow and develop rapidly. To achieve this, we use a variety of web application development, software development, engineering, integration, technology consulting, project management, and mobile application development practices. Our software developers create business software and solutions that will help your business and increase your existing profit.

Our talent pool of mobile app developers includes highly-skilled analysts, UX experts and certified software engineers who are well-versed in building apps for all the major platforms — whether it’s ios, Android, or Windows Phone. Apps can be developed natively, or by using cross-platform frameworks and platforms.

Our team of software development professionals that is not just another assembly shop. Quality is at the very center of our philosophy that is introduced from the initial stages of the process – we start testing your idea from the first call and proceed into the development and support phases to make sure that you get the maximum ROI in your application through its fault-proof performance and impeccable reputation of your business in the eyes of end-users.

Would you like to save your precious time on customer and end-user issue handling?

Would you like to constantly implement changes to your application?

Would you like to be confident that your system is 24/7 available for your end users

Commerce-ready ERP

We offers ERP system included  :

  • Archiving System
  • Accounting System
  • HR and Warehouses systems
  • Warehouses
  • Vehicles management system