Data Centers

Provide business agility at a lower cost

ALTZAMUN offers a complete range of services that delivers a cohesive, end-to-end optimization of data centers. We combine world class people, processes, and technology with the program and project management expertise necessary to transform a client’s existing data centers into a business engine that provides agility at a lower cost.

We offers a wide range of services for discovery, analysis, optimization, virtualization, consolidation, and migration of data centers that can complement client efforts and fill gaps in skills and capacities. Any and all aspects of the data center are addressed including:

  • Facilities: layout, power/cooling, physical security
  • System infrastructure: servers, networking, storage, and security
  • Applications, infrastructure mapping & dependencies
  • Service management and operations considerations

ALTAZAMUN offers the Data Center Transformation Design and Implementation Services combine the people, processes, technology, and expert project management required to design, build, and transform your data center environments. This service takes the project(s) identified during the delivery of the Infrastructure Transformation Service to design and implement those projects. These projects could be any or all of the following:​

  • Optimization of existing data centers
  • Automation of data center
  • Consolidation, or relocation, or migration of data centers
  • Migrating applications from Windows 2003 to Windows 2012R2 or the cloud
  • Migrating application from Unix to Linux
  • Standardizing hardware and software used in the data centers​​